The CS Fund was created in 1981 by Maryanne Mott and Herman Warsh, who together endowed the Warsh-Mott Legacy in 1985. CS Fund and Warsh-Mott Legacy (CSF and WML) are private family foundations that share common program areas, staff, and boards of directors. Proposals to the two foundations are considered collectively, and grants are made by both entities. The boards of directors of CSF and WML also make recommendations to the donor-advised TOP Fund at the Marin Community Foundation.

CSF and WML’s grantmaking is forward thinking and evolves over time, yet is guided by a commitment to consistent, long-term support. Some organizations have received funding from the foundations for three decades. CSF and WML recognize the importance of general support and multi-year grants in building institutional strength and longevity and provide such support when appropriate. Project-restricted grants are also made in order to advance specific foundation objectives.

Board of Directors

Kau’i Keliipio

Corinne Meadows-Efram

Maryanne Mott

Teresa Robinson

Marise M. M. Stewart

Herman Warsh, in memory

Michael Warsh


Melanie Adcock
Program Director, Food Sovereignty

Ramona Allen
Bookkeeper | Secretary

Rose Cohen
Grants Administrator

Bailey Malone
Executive Director

Shorey Myers
Program Consultant, Emerging Technologies

Amanda Solter
Program Officer, Rights and Governance