LOI Submission Information

Requests for support should be made by letter of inquiry (LOI). There are no deadlines for letters of inquiry – they are accepted throughout the year and will be acknowledged as soon as possible.

Letters of inquiry should be no more than three pages in length and contain the following information:

  • A contact person’s name, title, mailing address, telephone, and e-mail address
  • Basic information about the organization, including a brief mission statement and an overview of current activities
  • A description of the organization’s approach to the specific problem being addressed and planned activities for the following year
  • A line item budget of projected expenses for the organization and project, if applicable
  • A list of secured and potential funding sources (grants received, proposals pending, planned submissions, earned income, etc.)

Please send LOIs in the body of an email (attachments will not be opened) to: inquiries@csfund.org If mailing a hard copy, please do not include brochures, reports, news clippings, CDs, DVDs, or other materials with letters of inquiry and mail to: CS Fund, 469 Bohemian Hwy, Freestone, CA 95472 .